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    Our FAQs

    How will Pulse benefit my business?

    A thirty-second sign-up process will benefit your business for the rest of its life.

    We’ll provide real-time, actionable insight into all aspects of your business, including turnover trends, analysis of your gross margin data and cash flow problems that may arise, to name just a few.

    It will empower you to make the right decisions for your business, ensuring you always stay one step ahead of any potential hurdles.

    Do I need to pay for using Pulse?

    Nope! Pulse is entirely free and at your disposal. All we need is for you to grant us Open Banking and Open Accounting access. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive helpful, monthly snapshots straight into your inbox. It’s really as simple as that!

    Is it safe to share my data with Pulse?

    It’s totally safe to share your data with Pulse through Open Banking and Open Accounting.

    You’ll only ever provide us third-party access to your data, which means we’re only able to view your data and we can’t take any action on your account.

    You can revoke access to your data at any stage and most importantly, it’s protected at all times.

    What is Open Banking?

    Open Banking was rolled out in the UK back in 2018 and it transformed the way businesses and consumers, just like you, share your data – and as a result, you have multitude of financial products as your disposal, with rates and other benefits you wouldn’t get without being able to share your data.

    Don’t worry though… Open Banking is completely safe, as you only ever provide third-party access. Once you grant us permission to view your data, we can’t change it or take any action on your account. We’re simply able to view your data and use that information to provide the game-changing insights we do.

    What is Open Accounting?

    Open Accounting and Open Banking work perfectly together to enable us to provide businesses like yours with actionable, game-changing insights that can help transform the way you run your business.

    Similarly to Open Banking, you grant third-party access to your accounting package provider and the rest is history! It’s totally safe and you can revoke access any time – though if you do, we won’t be able to continue providing insights. Alongside Open Banking, with Open Accounting, we’re able to see a 360 view of your business data. We then break down the valuable data within your business and translate it into a way that makes sense to you, with suggestions on what’s working, what isn’t and how you can improve… and yes, it’s all for free!

    Can I get any other insights from Pulse?

    We’re constantly building out and improving Pulse, so you’ll be sure to see new features popping up once you sign up to Pulse. After you’ve subscribed (don’t worry, it’s free!), you’ll automatically benefit from any new features we introduce as Pulse becomes bigger, better and even smarter than it is now!