Our FAQs

What is Pulse?

Pulse is an innovative financial management platform that utilises FinTech software, namely Open Banking and Open Accounting, to generate invaluable financial insights which can benefit individuals, businesses and professionals with clients. Through Pulse’s bespoke dashboard, users can gather easy-to-understand data and use it to give advice or take action.


Once Pulse has been granted access to a user’s Open Banking, it is capable of securely combining financial data from multiple banks and accounts. With this unified overview, users can gain deep insights into their income and expenses, more so, they can project future cash flows to help make more informed decisions.


Access to Open Accounting also lets Pulse automate financial management tasks like transaction categorisation and cash flow forecasting, completely simplifying financial planning and budgeting.


Accountants and brokers can utilise Pulse as a financial tool to provide a comprehensive understanding of their clients’ finances, and thanks to this, can offer strategic advice based on demonstrable data by predicting potential financial opportunities or challenges.


No different to any other form of financial technology, Pulse maintains extremely strict data security protocols that are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – in line with Open Banking and Open Accounting regulations. Your data will be safe, and users will maintain complete control of what information Pulse can see, including how long you allow Pulse to view it.

Who can use Pulse?

Pulse is a dynamic financial platform that can be utilised by anyone who uses Open Accounting or Open Banking financial technology. It is an excellent resource for small to medium-sized enterprises, including startups and the self-employed. In 4 simple steps, you can start reaping the accounting analysis benefits – Sign up, we’ll call you, you grant us access to your data, and then you gain access to your Pulse dashboard to instantly start making better decisions for your business.


Accountants will also appreciate Pulse’s ability as a powerful tool to streamline and automate financial tracking, saving them time and allowing them to offer their clients accurate advice based on real-time numbers. Brokers can use the platform to get a comprehensive view of a client’s financial health, simplifying the process of matching them with suitable loan products or other services.


Simply put, Pulse is an extremely powerful tool for anyone looking to improve their financial intelligence and management.

How will Pulse benefit my business?

Pulse is a gateway to small business financial intelligence. It is a cutting-edge financial technology that uses readily available Open Accounting and Open Banking software to offer great long-term benefits to your enterprise. All it takes is an easy thirty-second sign-up process and you can immediately start accessing these crucial accounting insights.


Via Pulse’s bespoke user interface, our technology will provide real-time actionable insights into all aspects of your business. This includes turnover trends, analysis of your gross margin data, understanding cash flow problems that may arise, and in-depth cash flow analysis, to name just a few features. This will help you stay one step ahead in your business strategy, keeping you prepared for potential hurdles down the road.


It is not just business owners that Pulse can empower, it offers great tools for accountants and brokers who can use Pulse’s accounting insights to make informed business decisions. With the ability to accurately analyse a client’s accounts, accountants can confidently give accurate financial advice, and brokers can offer more informed loan choices.

Is it secure to share my financial data with Pulse?

Yes, it’s completely safe to share your financial data with Pulse through Open Banking and Open Accounting. We are GDPR compliant and follow stringent security protocols to ensure that your data is protected at all times. You’ll only ever provide us third-party access to your data, which means we’re only able to view your data and we can’t take any action on your account.


In terms of access, we follow the practised and proven principles of open-source accounting, which means that you’ll only ever grant us third-party access to your data. This allows us to provide you with crucial accounting insights, cash flow analysis, and balance sheet overviews but restricts us from taking any actions.


We prioritise the safe handling of your business auditing and financial auditing data at all times, and should you decide, you can revoke Pulse’s access to your data at any stage.

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking was rolled out in the UK back in 2018 and it transformed the way businesses and consumers, just like you, share your data – and as a result, you have a multitude of financial products at your disposal, with rates and other benefits you wouldn’t get without being able to share your data.
Don’t worry though… Open Banking is completely safe, as you only ever provide third-party access. Once you grant us permission to view your data, we can’t change it or take any action on your account. We’re simply able to view your data and use that information to provide the game-changing insights we do.
What is Open Accounting?

Open Accounting and Open Banking work perfectly together to enable us to provide businesses like yours with actionable, game-changing insights that can help transform the way you run your business.

Similarly to Open Banking, you grant third-party access to your accounting package provider and the rest is history! It’s totally safe and you can revoke access at any time – though if you do, we won’t be able to continue providing insights. Alongside Open Banking, with Open Accounting, we’re able to see a 360 view of your business data. We then break down the valuable data within your business and translate it into a way that makes sense to you, with suggestions on what’s working, what isn’t and how you can improve…

Which banking and accounting providers is Pulse compatible with?

Pulse is capable of integrating with any Open Accounting and Open Banking software, so regardless of which brand you choose, we can still offer you important financial insights and help to increase your financial intelligence. Our tools for accountants and brokers are also available to all professionals in the industry. If you are curious about choosing a Fintech brand before you sign up to Pulse, you can view our full list of partners here.

Can I get any other insights from Pulse?

We’re constantly building out and improving Pulse, so you’ll be sure to see new features popping up once you sign up for Pulse. After you’ve subscribed, you’ll automatically benefit from any new features we introduce as Pulse becomes bigger, better and even smarter than it is now!

Does Pulse have a Blog?

Yes! Pulse does feature a blog that provides extensive insights and valuable information on a host of financial topics. There you can delve into all the important aspects of financial management, such as understanding company accounts, profit and loss statements, and the differences between debtors and creditors. Our blog also covers the impact and advantages of technological advancements like AI and Machine Learning in financial data management, as well as new-age financial systems, including Open Banking and Open Accounting.

What’s more, we shed light on prevalent issues and questions in the world of small and medium-sized enterprises, such as the factors leading to failure and the role of data insights in overcoming these challenges. Our blog offers practical discussions for accounting firms on hiring and expansion strategies, with the aim of empowering businesses with thought-provoking knowledge to enhance their financial decision-making. Check out all our topics here!